Ordering 1099 Forms for Dynamics GP

Microsoft recommends that you purchase your tax forms through Deluxe, which are IRS and SSA compliant, as well as guaranteed to be compatible with your GP software. You can order from their website or by calling 1-800-865-1913 to speak to a sales representative to order by phone. Directions are included below for ordering through Deluxe’s website. 

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2017 Year-End Closing Procedures for Dynamics GP

Getting ready to close the year for 2017? Watch Janelle Riley's webinar to learn everything you need to run an anxiety-free close in Dynamics GP.

If you were not able to attend the webinar, but would still like to receive a copy of our 2017 year-end closing procedures documentation, click the button below to download all materials discussed in the webinar including step-by-step instructions for closing the month and year in Dynamics GP.

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Why the Dynamics GP 2016 Web Client is a big step forward

With the release of the Dynamics GP 2016 Web Client we saw our first glimpse of the future of Dynamics GP: a richly featured web client capable of running on any browser or device. This is all possible because the new web client is built on HTML 5 and not Microsoft Silverlight as it has in the past. HTML 5 brings the GP Web Client into the new web based software more and more users are embracing.

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Why the cloud is more cost effective than your servers

As a business grows it inevitably faces the choice between investing in on-premises server infrastructure or cloud based infrastructure to manage their IT needs. However, choosing the wrong investment for your business can have dramatic effects on long term profitability, so picking the right investment is necessary.

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