A get/change first operation on table 'CN_SETP' cannot find the table

I recently ran into a problem after transferring a Dynamics GP company database from a test/development environment into a production environment. The company database existed in the production company so I just restored the updated company from the test server to the production server.

After completing the company restore, users received the following error message:

“A get/change first operation on table ‘CN_SETP’ cannot find the table.”

I ran a search on the message and had a suggestion that the Collection Management setup table CN40100 (CN_SETP) was missing or a stored procedure was damaged.  After a little investigation in the SQL tables I found that none of the Collections Management tables existed in the restored company database.

Since the company had only historical data imported via Integration Manager I chose to recreate the CN tables and stored procedures with the GP built-in SQL tools and the company performed as expected.

I am not sure why the CN tables did not restore properly to the production company and would have liked to look into the problem further but didn’t have access to the production system due to security restrictions so I wasn’t able to investigate further.

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