The following errors were found while attempting to post. **ERROR: this document contains one or more posting holds

If you are enter drop ship Sales Orders in Dynamics GP 2013, using Shipment Notification and are generating linked Purchase Orders from Sales Orders, you may receive the following notice after you transfer your sales order to an invoice and attempt to post the invoice:

This is not really an error.  You will also find no posting holds on the invoice if you check for them by clicking the “Holds” button at the bottom of the invoice.  The invoice will remain on hold until the linked purchase order is invoiced.  In fact, if you open the purchase order, you will notice that it is on hold.  Once the invoice is received from the vendor, release the purchase order hold and continue with your normal purchasing process.

The system creates the hold so the costs associated with the drop ship line items will be the same as the costs on the purchase order once the invoice is posted.  This is extremely important. If you break the link and post the invoice, your Accrued Drop Ship account will be out of balance by the difference in the cost associated with the line item on the sales transaction and the actual cost of the invoiced on the purchase order line item.