Error: “You don’t have security privileges to open this window…” when entering Reason Codes in Dynamics

Reason codes are a new feature of Dynamics GP 2013.  I have found a number of references and blogs about their use, however, none touch on why users have the following occur when they try to enter a reason code:

When “Add” is clicked, the following notification appears:

Since reason codes entry is part of the Setup in Inventory, they can only be added by system administrators or power users.  The setup option will not appear under Inventory > Setup > Reason Code Setup unless you are a power user or the system administrator.

The most obvious reason for this is that there needs to be controls on the reason codes, or anything could be entered by your inventory staff.  Imagine a list of reason codes such as “Shrinkage, Receiving Error, Bad Day, Bob’s Fault" or worse.  Develop, setup, and use only valid reason code options and this will be an effective management tool for inventory control.