How to Void Accounts Receivable Transactions

Occasionally in Dynamics GP you will need to void an Accounts Receivable transaction. Voiding a transaction in Accounts Receivable differs from voiding an Accounts Payable transaction in that there is only one place to go to in AR: Posted Transactions.  To get to this window go to: Sales > Transactions > Posted Transactions.

In the Receivables Posted Transaction Maintenance window, enter or select the customer for the transaction you wish to void.  Then you will want to select the Document Type of the transaction you wish to void.  Options include Sales / Invoices, Debit Memos, Finance Charges, Service / Repairs, Credit Memo, Returns, Payments.  Once you select the type you can click the looking glass next the Number to select the transaction.

Once you have selected your transaction, you will want to make sure the void date and posting dates are as they should be.  Then click the Void button.

Now your transaction is voided, and can be re-entered correctly if necessary.

Note:  You can only void invoices that do not have any payments/credits applied.  Similarly, you cannot void a payment or credit if it is applied.  You will need to unapply any documents before voiding.

Also, do not void any posted invoices that have inventory.  In these situations, you will want to create a return that matches the incorrect invoice, and apply it to the invoice.  Then re-create the invoice correctly.