What is Microsoft Kaizala? Get a look at the new Office 365 mobile app


 While you may not have yet heard about Microsoft Kaizala, it’s likely that you will soon. The mobile group communication and teamwork app was launched in 2017 and is now available in over 25 countries on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android phones. So, what exactly is this new app? Kaizala is a comprehensive chat, teamwork, and file-sharing app for organizations of any size. Created with a minimalist design, the app is easy to use yet powerful at the same time. Messaging is instant, polls and surveys are simple to make and send, and location of colleagues/employees is obtainable in seconds. Kaizala contains everything needed for transparent communication inside or outside of an organization.

Features & Benefits

Kaizala was designed to serve firstline workers, the employees who are most vital to a company’s success. Its main functions are to create groups and subgroups for easy communication, create, assign, and track progress of jobs, gather feedback through polls & surveys, and build visual data reports – all within one simple interface.

Courtesy of Microsoft

Courtesy of Microsoft

There are a total of 11 different actions in Kaizala that all serve various departments and/or processes in a company. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Announcements are the most commonly used action – send a message to entire groups and get responses through likes and comments.

  • Jobs are chat messages that assign tasks to an employee and tracks their progress status. Comments can be added by the admin or other group members and a notification is sent to the admin upon completion of the job.

  • Locations -There are four actions available regarding location, including location with photo that verifies colleagues and employees are in the places they are supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there.

  • Let’s Meet is used to send meeting invites and get quick responses within the same chat.

  • Quick Polls & Surveys are two fantastic ways to gather info from group members, customers, or suppliers. Easily send a question to the group and get their responses within chat.

  • Submit Bill allows users to take a photo of an invoice and share it with details to a group or customer.

Courtesy of Microsoft

Courtesy of Microsoft

How is Kaizala being used?

There are more than 900 companies around the world, across all types of industries, that are currently utilizing Kaizala. The Andhra Pradesh State government in India first used Kaizala in August 2016 for the Krishna Pushkaram, a 12-day festival celebrated only once every 12 years. Over 100,000 government officers, volunteers, and others were involved in organizing the event. Using Kaizala, the AP government was able to “set new benchmarks in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in the management of the 12-day mega event involving 20 million people.”

Apollo Hospitals in India has also used Kaizala to reduce their dependency on desktops for those at remote clinics and to allow its field staff to always be in touch with the central operations team. In addition, Apollo has been able to improve the speed at which decisions are made through quicker gathering of remote clinic data and the ability to analyze that data in real time.

Is Kaizala an Office 365 App?

Kaizala is not a traditional Office 365 application like Word, PowerPoint, or OneNote because it is a free application. When the Kaizala Office Add-in is downloaded and the app is integrated with Office 365, Kaizala becomes far more powerful. With the Office 365 add-in enabled, users can send and download Office 365 files over the internet and edit them in real time – saving organizations precious time that would normally be dedicated to communication and data collection.

The Kaizala Management Portal is where the app is controlled and customized to fit your organization’s needs. Administrators can onboard users, set up and manage groups, as well as add suppliers, partners, customers, and more to groups of their own. Developers can create and customize Kaizala actions as well as add connectors to integrate company systems with the app. Furthermore, Microsoft Flow is now available as a connector. This connection allows workflows to be setup across the two apps so when some event or action takes place in one app, there is a response and/or workflow initiated in the other. For more on how this integration can be used and how to set it up click here.:

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