Office 365 Spotlight: Delve

Delve is a relatively new program for most Office 365 customers and has spent a long time in preview, but now that Office 2016 is out and rolling, Delve makes a stellar intro. We thought it would be a good idea to walk through Delve and give you a better idea of exactly what it is and why you should use it.

Delve is a document manager mixed with a social network. The home screen will show you documents from across Office 365 that you own, are shared with you, and that other people in your network are working on (if they are public). 

Delve gives you a "Home" view and a "Me" view. The "Home" views shows you what other people are working on and helps you collaborate with others on documents. The "Me" view gives you a visual look at all documents you have worked on recently and organizes them based on time with most recently edited documents rising to the top. 


The Home and Me screens show documents in the form of cards. These cards show you the name and a preview of what the document looks like. Underneath the visual preview of the document the card tells you what type of document it is, whether it be Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Next to the document type, Delve tells you exactly where the document is located and gives you a link to the document. This can come in handy when you want to make a quick edit or review someone's work. 

The card doesn't stop there. Underneath the document type and location link there are three buttons. These buttons include a Message button, which generates an email from your connected Outlook account and sends a link to the document to anyone you choose. 

The Share button gives you the power to share the document shown on the card with any email address. When you share the document you can also include a message to be sent with the email to provide context about what the document is and why you shared it.

Finally, there is the Yammer button. Clicking on the Yammer button will show you any activity regarding the document on Yammer. Further integration with Yammer is coming soon and will allow you to post and comment on documents in Yammer from within Delve itself. 


Then there are Boards. What are Boards? Think Pinterest. Boards are how you group documents together. Each document card will have a Board listed at the bottom. You can edit that Board to group documents that belong together and view them all in one place whenever you like.

All in all, Delve is an exciting application within Office 365 that shows a lot of potential. The visualization of content creation within your organization can definitely improve collaboration and organization company wide. 

Make sure to check back next Tuesday as we continue the Office 365 Spotlight series by going in depth with Sway