Project Accounting Information for this vendor does not exist. Do you want to add the vendor's project information?

We have noticed, especially just after an install of Project Accounting in an existing Dynamics GP environment, that the warning message, "Project Accounting information for this vendor does not exist. Do you want to add the vendor's project information?" will pop up when you select a vendor record in either the Purchase Order Entry or Receivings Transaction Entry window in Dynamics GP.

This is a normal warning, and is generated because the vendor that was selected hadn’t been set up for project accounting. You can click “No” and continue with your transaction entry.  However, this warning will appear every time you select the vendor. This is annoying to say the least.

Below, I will summarize a couple of Microsoft Knowledge Base articles to help you stop the warning error from appearing. First, using the steps below (also found in KB2004318), you will need to complete a one-time set up of the vendor for project accounting.

Set Up a Vendor

  1. Log in to Dynamics GP as a project user.
  2. Select Purchasing > Cards > Vendor.  Select the vendor that is not set up for project accounting.
  3. Click the Project button located at the bottom of the Vendor Maintenance window.
  4. The Pa Vendor Options Window will open.  You don’t need to enter any information in this window. Click OK.
  5. Click Save and close the Vendor Maintenance window.
  6. Add this step to your New Vendor creation documentation to avoid the warning for new vendor additions.

But wait! There is no Project Button? Project is installed and you are a project user. How can that be?  If this is the case, you will need to view the knowledge base KB946301, “The Project button is missing from the Employee Maintenance Window, the Vendor Maintenance Window, and the Customer Maintenance window in Microsoft Dynamics GP". The knowledge base will show instructions for Dynamics GP 9, 10 and Great Plains 8. 

Dynamics GP 2013 Instructions

  1. Go t Administration>Setup > Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports.
  2. In the ID list, click DEFAULTUSER (or the ID you have set up for Project Users).
  3. In the Product list, click Project Accounting.
  4. In the Type list, click Windows.
  5. Expand the following nodes:
    • Payroll-Employee Maintenance
    • Purchasing-Vendor Maintenance
    • Sales-Customer Maintenance
  6. Select Project Accounting in each of the expanded nodes.
  7. In the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window, click Save.
  8. Make sure to associate the modified forms with an existing user ID.