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Using Inquiries in Dynamics GP

In Dynamics GP there are two basic ways to look up information, through the inquiry section in each of the modules, or through SmartLists. SmartLists are a great and very useful tool in GP, but the inquiry sections can provide a lot of useful information as well. These can prove very useful in Sales and Purchasing.

The two most useful inquiries in Sales are Transaction by Customer and Transaction by Document. In Transaction by Customer, you can look up all the transactions for a customer.  You are also able to enter search parameters based on a date range or document number range. You can also decide to show documents by their status of Work, Open, or History.

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Customer Item Lookup: Great Tool, but with a Few Limitations

Now that the Professional Services Tools Library is free, there are a number of tools that are now available to use. Customer Item Lookup is one of these tools that is very useful. This tool allows you to see what items a customer has purchased in the past. For each item they have purchased it will be listed by the last purchase date and the cost and quantity of that last purchase.

Sounds great, right? No more pulling up a SmartList in order to see what a customer has purchased in the past. You can do it right in the Sales Transaction Entry window, right as you are entering an Order or Invoice. But here is the first limitation...

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