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Tips and Tricks for Upgrading FRx to Management Reporter

ecently, we upgraded a client's FRx to Management Reporter using the upgrade wizard. While I was disappointed by the lack of magic tricks involved in the process, it was fairly easy to use. As long as the how-to guide provided by Microsoft is followed step-by-step, the conversion should not take more than an hour or two and will result in functioning Management Reporter reports (assuming that the client's FRx is properly configured). The procedure is easy to follow, but there are some differences between FRx and Management Reporter that may cause MR reports to not generate. With a basic understanding of Management Reporter, these problems can be fixed in no time at all.

The first error that I ran into involved how calculated fields are written in MR. When attempting to run the client's report I received the following error: "__ is not a valid row code. Ranges require valid from and to row code references." An intimidating error message, right? Luckily, it has a quick fix. In FRx, when calculating fields in your row definition, you can write the summations and subtractions by just referencing the different rows that you need added and subtracted. MR allows you to do this as well, but it requires the "@" symbol to be placed before each row included in your calculation, pictured below.

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Plus (+) Symbol Appears in Management Reporter Rows and Accounts are Missing

We discovered an interesting problem following the migration of Management Reporter to a new server. We had exported all of the building block groups from the old system, installing Management Reporter on the new server, and then importing the building block group onto the new Management Reporter install on the new server.

After the migration, none of the non-default company Management Reporter reports ran. Upon further review, we found that on all non-default companies, the row format accounts were replaced by the Plus (+) sign. Of course, something like this only happens when you absolutely, positively, must have financials today.

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