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How to Make Office Files Open in Their Desktop App by Default.

Take control of your Office files and documents by establishing a permanent opening location. Whether you prefer the desktop or web, the choice is now yours. Learn how its done and how to make the option available to your users.

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How to disable autosave in Office 365 programs

In a recent update to Office 365, Microsoft has included an autosave feature that is turned on by default. While this feature can be useful, there may be a time when you want to make changes to a file without saving yet. Here’s how to turn it off.

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SharePoint Online is opening my documents in the online version of Office. How can I make them open in my desktop applications?

If you’ve recently implemented SharePoint Online as part of Office 365, you may be feeling a bit baffled as to why every time you try to open a document from SharePoint, it opens in Word or Excel Online, rather than directly on your desktop. This is actually the default behavior for SharePoint documents.

The good news is that this is easy to change.

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So you want to upgrade to Office 2016

Microsoft recently released Office 2016 for current Office 365 subscribers. So how do you actually upgrade? The process itself is very easy, but just knowing how to get there will save you some time.

If you aren’t an Office 365 customer, it is definitely worth checking out with prices starting at just $5 a month. You can find all package pricing and features here.

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