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Editing W4s and Printing W2s in Dynamics GP

It’s the end of the year, and soon it will be time to process those W2s. There are a few steps that can be taken to make W2s available to view or print by your employees. Some employees might also have had some changes in the past year and need to make edits to their W4s. Both scenarios are covered below.

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Entering Outside Payroll into GP

If you are entering Payroll information into GP without using an integration, it doesn’t need to take a lot of time or effort to enter it. What you need to do is make sure all the correct distributions are entered for your salaries expenses, and to make sure your transactions appear in your checkbook correctly.

Rather than entering a bank transaction with the corresponding expenses for each transaction that comes through your bank account related to payroll, I’ve found that it is simpler to separate the distribution entry from the bank transaction entry. This means you would enter one GL Entry related to all the payroll distributions, and then enter the corresponding bank transactions as they would appear coming out of your bank account.

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Form 941 Shows All Zeros After Year-End Close in Dynamics GP

The instructions for Dynamics GP payroll year-end close tell you to print your 941's prior to year-end close. If you forget to print your 941, you will get all zeros on your 941 for 4th quarter.

Here is a very simple trick to print your 941 after you have closed the year:  All you need to do is change your system date to the prior year.

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Commission Functionality in Dynamics GP

Anyone who has tried to use the Commissions functionality in GP knows that it is not the most intuitive tool in GP. Entering the commissions, getting reports of the commissions, and making sure the commissions are paid are the most important aspects of using commissions. However, they are also some of the least explained aspects of commissions in GP.

Entering commissions in GP is simple as long as the way you calculate commissions is simple. If you use a simple percentage based calculation, GP commissions will easily track your commissions for each sale. You just need to be sure that the correct salesperson is selected on the transaction, and that this salesperson is setup correctly with their commission percentage.

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