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Using Direct Links to Inquiries from SmartLists in Dynamics GP 2013

I have been noticing a number of different links and features as I have been working in Dynamics GP 2013 that may not have been in earlier versions, or I just didn’t notice them before.  I have checked with a number of our clients, and they didn’t seem to know they were there either.

I was working in a SmartList in Dynamics GP 2013 the other day, and noticed a cool little feature that I hadn’t used before and has turned out to be quite a time saver. 

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Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 Upgrade and SmartList Treeview Navigation

A new feature of Dynamics GP2013 SP2 allows users to users to hide the navigation tree in Smart Lists giving them a full screen of data.  The first two users in our office that opened a Smart List were thrilled!  However, their excitement abated when they realized that the tree view in the navigation pane seemed to be static and left/right scrolling was required to view longer Smart List titles in the navigation pane.

I believe the responses were similar to, “They finally fixed the Smart List view!” followed by, “Are you kidding me? The navigation pane is too narrow.  I have to scroll to see the whole Smart List title!”

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