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How to Make Copies of Contracts in Dynamics GP Project Accounting

Let’s say that you win a new contract that contains a lot of budgeted Cost Categories and inventory parts. You have previously created a similar Contract, and you would like to re-use that contract instead of starting from scratch.

It’s pretty easy to do this with the Template functionality built into GP Project Accounting. Here is an example of how it works:

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Tips and Tricks for Setting Up Word Templates in Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Word Template functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP is pretty awesome. Word Templates make it really easy to update the look and feel of your customer facing documents, and you can email them directly out of GP. You can even have separate document types for your different companies and your different customers. All this sounds great… right? Word Templates are great, once they are setup and fully functioning. However, getting them to that point can be frustrating if you are not willing to put in the time and effort to make them what you want and need them to be.

I have found several things that can trip you up when working with Word Templates in Dynamics GP. Top among them are security settings and report settings. Before starting you will need to know which users will need access to use and edit the templates. It is also important to know whether the current documents are the original or modified versions of the report from Report Writer. Below I have listed the main pitfalls I have seen while developing Word Templates, and what I have found that works to avoid the pain they can cause.

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