Using Batch Edit to Apply Managed Metadata to Multiple Documents

Note: SharePoint has come a long way since the 2010 release! Learn about new SharePoint features here.

Imagine your company decided to change its document management to use SharePoint 2010 and managed metadata. You and your company spend a lot of time reorganizing all of your folders in your old shared drive to help facilitate the upload to SharePoint. Your provider uploads all of your documents and attaches the correct metadata tags to each of the documents. Everything looks great and you begin using the system. You filter in your libraries to easily find documents and your search is set up to help you find documents right when you want them. Everything is working great.

Then one day your best customer sends you 12 documents that you need to save to SharePoint. They are all contracts that you need to add to their customer library in SharePoint. You go to SharePoint and click upload all documents with the idea that you will be able to apply managed metadata to all the documents you upload. You click the okay button and to your dismay you see that none of your documents were uploaded with metadata! Now you have to go document by document and add metadata to each. Bummer. There has to be a better way, right?

Right. There has been an add-on to SharePoint 2010 called Batch Edit uploaded to Your provider can install the add-on for you (Syvantis can do it for 2 hours of time). Then you can select any number of documents any apply managed metadata to all of them.

Kellen RileyComment