Why the Dynamics GP 2016 Web Client is a big step forward

With the release of the Dynamics GP 2016 Web Client we saw our first glimpse of the future of Dynamics GP: a richly featured web client capable of running on any browser or device. This is all possible because the new web client is built on HTML 5 and not Microsoft Silverlight as it has in the past. 

The Dynamics GP Web Client has brought more to the table than just HTML 5. Below are some additional features that you can look forward to by upgrading your system.

HTML 5 Support: I know we just talked about it, but it's big! Now you are able to access the GP Web Client through any browser, i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (obviously), Safari, etc. By affect, this means you can access GP on any device that can run one of these browsers including tablets. 

Dynamics GP 2016 running in Edge browser

Dynamics GP 2016 running in Edge browser

No need for Silverlight or the GP Trusted Application: Because of the move to HTML5 the GP Web Client will no longer require Silverlight or the GP Trusted Application. Just log into GP and you are good to go!

Better performance: Overall, the new GP Web Client works better than the older versions. Windows load faster and pages are more responsive so you can get more done in less time.

New Colors: We all like colors, they are great! The GP 2016 Web Client has a new color scheme to make reading and interacting with GP more user-friendly and pleasant.

Search for Form or Report: With the new search function users can search for GP Windows and reports from one spot without having to navigate through GP.


Power BI Reports on your Home Page: Integrate Power BI visualizations and display them right on your GP Home Page. Get instant insights into your most important metrics in one spot.


HTTPS Support for Management Reporter Viewer: Quick background, HTTPS is an internet protocol that supports encryption. This means MR Viewer now supports an encrypted connection to GP, which is actually a big deal.

Drop-down menu: Click on your username to see what your system date, user, and company are.


Payables Credit Card Payment Option: There is a new option to choose credit card when processing payables check batches. This allows check batches to be paid with a credit card.


Project Accounting Requisition Workflows: Tag requisition forms with Projects and Cost Codes to get requisitions to the correct Project Manager for approval. Yippee!

Multiple Page Scan: Upload document much faster!

All-in-One Document Viewer: With the new document viewers in GP you can see all related documents for a single transaction in one place.

Export/Import SmartLists from SmartList Designer: Import SmartLists instead of recreating them with the new import and export functions for SmartList.


Create SmartLists from Favorited SmartLists: Instead of creating a new SmartList from a default you can base new SmartLists on ones you already use and love.

Workflow Notifications: Improvements to workflow notifications allow emails notifications to be routed to a new approver for delegation, escalation, or alternate approval.

Better Excel integration: Number columns will be formatted as number instead of text, like they used to.


With all of the cool new features in the Dynamics GP Web Client you would be hard-pressed to not upgrade as soon as possible. New features will be released every six months and ISVs will get behind the new HTML5 format so you are sure to see better integrations and usability going forward.

If you're interested in getting a first hand look at the new Dynamics GP Web Client, we are offering free demos today! 

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