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What is Microsoft Kaizala? Get a look at the new Office 365 mobile app

While you may not have yet heard about Microsoft Kaizala, it’s likely that you will soon. The mobile group communication and teamwork app was launched in 2017 and is now available in over 25 countries on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android phones.

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Microsoft Teams comes to Office 365

Chat programs are often built to be simplistic and serve a single purpose – to increase collaboration through instant communication among team members. Microsoft Teams takes that purpose and expands on it with exciting new features built specifically for project teams or departments within a business. This isn’t just chat, this isn’t email, it’s a combination of the two meant to improve organization and collaboration of teams. The video below is a nice introduction of Microsoft Teams for those who haven’t seen it in action before.

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SharePoint Online is opening my documents in the online version of Office. How can I make them open in my desktop applications?

If you’ve recently implemented SharePoint Online as part of Office 365, you may be feeling a bit baffled as to why every time you try to open a document from SharePoint, it opens in Word or Excel Online, rather than directly on your desktop. This is actually the default behavior for SharePoint documents.

The good news is that this is easy to change.

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OneDrive and SharePoint: What's the difference?

OneDrive and SharePoint are document storage and management services which provide a secure place to house and interact with your documents. Although both accomplish very similar things, they are useful under different circumstances. OneDrive provides a safe space for personal documents wile SharePoint helps manage organizational documents.  

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