Dynamics 365 for Enterprise

Business-wide Integration

As your company grows, it's more and more important that your systems speak to one another. Dynamics 365 for Enterprise is an all-inclusive business solution designed to go beyond typical system integration. With Dynamics 365, your financials, sales data, customer service data, operations tools, reporting, and more are all one click away.

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Keep your sales staff two steps ahead with Dynamics 365 for Sales formerly known as Dynamics CRM. Track prospect and customer data and analyze it to provide automated lead scoring, predictive analytics, and more. Built in Power BI visual dashboards empower your team members with individual sales goals and real-time analytics.

Collaborate in real time - Integrate Sales with OneNote and Office 365 to share and co-author sales documents in real time.

Manage customers - Keep customer information fresh and accessible with automatic updates and social insights.

Work on the go – Dynamics 365 is as mobile as your sales team. Update sales records and track customer data on the go with the Dynamics 365 mobile app.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Retain your hard-earned customers with excellent customer service. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service gives your support team the tools it needs to manage customer interactions across multiple channels with faster response times. The Self-Service portal provides customers the opportunity to solve their own issues, eliminating unnecessary phone or email interactions.

Freedom to choose - Allow customers to interact with you on their terms, no matter the channel.

Speed up response times - Instantly track client service interactions so that agents can respond and solve issues more quickly.

Customize the experience - Build out the self-service portal to represent your style of service and messaging.

Live Reporting with Power BI

Take advantage of the ultimate cloud-based analytics tool for business with Power BI for Dynamics 365. Power BI takes sales and customer service data directly from Dynamics 365 that you can use to build analytical dashboards. Power BI dashboards for Sales and Customer Service give team members the ability to track their own sales or service performance with easy-to-read visualizations and provides management with real-time performance data.

Customize with ease - Drag-and-drop live data to create powerful reports and discover trends in financials, customer service, marketing, sales, and more.

No manual updates needed - Power BI automatically updates every report to reflect data at its current state.

Change as your goals do - Edit reports to best reflect your needs and goals as you go so your team always has the best metrics available.

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