Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing Syvantis GP Online

How do I access GP Online from my computer?

You can access GP Online from your computer in three ways:

  • Dynamics GP Web App: The Web App is a secure website with all of the Dynamics GP functionality. All you do is enter your username and password, and you are ready to go. The Web App is included in all GP Online plans.

  • Dynamics GP Classic App: The Classic App simulates the experience that you get when you have Dynamics GP installed on a local server and your local desktop. Just double click the Dynamics GP icon on your local desktop, enter your username and password, and start working. The Classic App is available for an additional fee.

  • Dynamics GP Remote Desktop: The Remote Desktop gives you a second desktop in addition to your local desktop. You are able to switch back and forth between your Remote Desktop and your local desktop. The Remote Desktop is typically only required for power users that need direct access to certain server resources. The Remote Desktop is included with the purchase of the Classic App.

How do I know if I should buy the Classic App?

The Web App is excellent for the average user. However, due to the technology underlying the Classic App, switching between windows is slower on the Web App than on the Classic App. We recommend that power users who perform frequent window changes or who are very fast on a keyboard purchase the Classic App.

Certain specialized applications also require the use of the Classic App due to their unique technical requirements. For example, Management Reporter Designer, the GP Online Import App (Integration Manager), and other apps can only run from the Classic App.

On the other hand, the Web App is excellent for working on the go because it does not need to be installed on your computer. The Classic App requires a separate install.

Why do I have to purchase one Classic App?

Dynamics GP financial statements are prepared on Management Reporter, which is a very powerful financial statement preparation tool. Management Reporter does not have a Web App. This means that you have access to Management Reporter from the Classic App. Since at least one of your users will be preparing financial statements, they need to use the Classic App.

Why do I have to pay extra for the Classic App and the Remote Desktop?

The Classic App and the Remote Desktop are deployed from a Microsoft software called Remote Desktop Services. Further, due to Microsoft licensing rules, Classic App and Remote Desktop require additional Office licenses. The additional charge pays for those licenses.

What if I have a Mac?

The Classic App and the Remote Desktop both work with Macs. Starting with Dynamics GP 2016 and later, the Web App is built on HTML5 making it accessible from most web browsers, including Safari.    

System Requirements

How fast does my internet need to be for GP Online to work?

We recommend a minimum 2 MB upload and download internet speed.

How can I find out what my internet speed is?

There are a number of providers that test internet speed. If you go to and click "Begin Test" you can find out how fast your upload and download speeds are. 

What are the minimum requirements for my computer to run GP Online?

You should have Windows 8 or higher and Microsoft Office 2013 or higher. In addition, your computer must be up to date on all critical updates and service packs. 

Getting Support for Dynamics GP

How do I make a support request?

There are two ways to make support requests:

Call: 800-450-8908

How fast do you respond to support requests?

Help Desk response times are governed by the severity of the technical issue. Each support request is independently triaged for its business effects and assigned a severity level as follows:

Level Description Service Begins Within
Business Critical Entire business is down and no one is able to work 1-2 business hours
User Critical User(s) is down and unable to do their primary work task 1-4 business hours
Priority User(s) cannot access certain non-primary work task 8 business hours
Standard User(s) cannot access certain non-primary systems, but there is a workaround / User changes / Other standard service requests 1-2 business days

Of course, we make every effort to respond as quickly as possible because we understand that your accounting system is the lifeblood of your organization.

What is included in the Tech Help Desk?

Our Subscription and Hosted Owned plans include unlimited Tech Help Desk. Tech Help Desk includes user adds, moves, and changes as well as assistance accessing GP Online. Workstation, printer or other device support is not included in Tech Help Desk. While we are happy to assist you with PC related issues, such services will be separately billed at our standard billing rates. 

How will I know if I am going to be billed for an additional service?

We don't like surprises, and neither do you. If we are going to bill you for a service, we will typically notify you of the estimated charges in advance of the work. Regardless, we make every effort to charge a fair amount for the service that we provide. 

System Updates for Dynamics GP

When do you install my Upgrades and Service Packs?

You control the timing of Upgrades and Service Packs, depending upon your particular business needs and schedule. Upgrades and Service Packs are dependent upon availability of other integrated applications and other technical factors, which we review prior to your update. Upgrades may change system functionality and/or pricing due to Microsoft licensing changes. 

Can we continue to work while you do upgrades?

We try to do your system updates with the minimum disruption possible to your organization. This means that we schedule upgrades on days and times when your business is slower and in non-business hours. 


What is GP Online’s and Dynamics 365’s Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Dynamics GP application availability for GP Online on Azure and Dynamics 365 applications on Azure are governed by Microsoft's Azure SLA, which generally provides for 99.9% uptime. You can review the SLA at available on Microsoft's Azure website

The Syvantis Service and Use Agreement

The Syvantis Service and Use Agreement can be viewed here.