White Papers & E-Books

Learn About Dynamics GP, Microsoft Azure, and Related Products

These brochures and white papers provide detailed information on topics covering everything from Microsoft's Statement of Direction for Dynamics GP to an overview of Sales Tax law nationally.


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9 Things to consider when changing ERP systems

Moving to a new ERP system is a significant business undertaking. Before you take the plunge, consider these important factors.


How to tell if you need a new ERP partner

Is your current ERP provider missing the mark when it comes to response time or expertise                    ?                               

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Speed up to succeed

Professional services organizations in the digital age.


How to Know When it's Time to Replace QuickBooks

Do you feel limited by your basic accounting software? As your business grows more complex, QuickBooks simply cannot keep up. Figure out with this e-book if its time for you to upgrade.


How to Evaluate a QuickBooks Replacement

As your organization grows, you'll need an accounting software that grows with it. See how you can identify the right product for your business both now and for the future.


Dynamics GP


Dynamics GP 2018 Capabilities and Licensing Guide

The helpful guide lists out each of the features included in the GP modules. It also describes which features are available in the Dynamics GP 2013 Starter Pack and Dynamics GP Extended Pack.

Dynamics GP Supply Chain Management Fact Sheet

Find out how Dynamics GP Supply Chain Management makes for a smarter, more profitable organization.

Dynamics GP Statement of Direction

See the current Dynamics GP Statement of Direction. Here you will learn about future product enhancements for Dynamics GP, as well as product support retirements.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

10 Reasons to move your ERP system to Azure

The reasons to take your ERP system to the cloud are overwhelming at this point. Find out why.


Creating Order when Data is Everywhere

Moving to the cloud is a big change. Make sure your organization is ready by using these tips for a seamless data migration.

What to consider when planning for an ERP migration to the cloud

You've decided to move your ERP system to the cloud. Now what?

Dynamics 365


Reimagine Productivity with Dynamics 365

See how Dynamics 365 supports your business and scales with you as you grow, providing a seamless experience for every department.


Digital Transformation in Sales: Evolving the Art of Customer Engagement

Gain a deep understanding of how technology drives changes in business, and when you should make innovative changes yourself. 


Five Daunting Sales and Marketing Gaps 

Many organizations suffer from a disconnect between their marketing and sales teams, which can greatly hurt their bottom line. Don't be one to fall victim this, learn how to avoid it and connect the two with Dynamics 365.


Dynamics 365 Business Central Licensing Guide

Learn all there is to know about licensing, user types, and functionality in the all new Dynamics 365 Business Central 


Office 365


Security and Compliance in Office 365

Maintaining proper security is a complex, on-going process that requires routine maintenance. Learn how Microsoft manages your data and strategies your organization can use. 


Customer Controls for Information Protection in Office 365

Learn everything there is to know about Office 365 security protocols, layers, and the available tools to make your company data as secure as can be.