OneDrive for Business

Stop losing documents

It happens far too often doesn't it? You need to review a document you made a month ago, but you can't remember what folder it's in or what device you used to create it. That's where OneDrive can help. OneDrive keeps all documents in the cloud so your employees know exactly where to save them, no matter what device they're on. The best part? It's totally secure. 

OneDrive and Office 365

OneDrive comes standard with all four of our Office 365 packages. Find pricing and learn more about OneDrive as a part of Office 365.

Document management made easy

Keep employee files safe in the cloud

Gone are the days of desperately trying to recover documents from the hard drive of a dying machine. Your documents are safe with OneDrive for Business.

  • Securely store up to 1 terabyte of files per user.
  • Automatically sync and access documents across your PC, tablet, or smart phone.
  • Share files with the click of a button.
  • Easily manage user accounts from the Office 365 admin center.

Purchase OneDrive for Business for $5.00/user/month. Add a Support Plan for $5.00/user/monthCompare Office 365 plans.

What is included with Syvantis' Support Contracts?

Syvantis offers an exceptional Support Service that can be added to any Office 365 package. Syvantis Support includes services that are typically expensive or time consuming such as Office 365 user account setup and removal, initial user onboarding meetings, and technical troubleshooting and diagnosis. Learn more about Syvantis Support Contracts.

What is included with a Syvantis Ongoing Training Plan?

The Syvantis Training Service gives your staff the opportunity to learn how to use their new system with a trained consultant. Training sessions can be attended by as many trainees as you choose and are scheduled throughout the year. Learn more about ongoing training from Syvantis.

SharePoint or OneDrive?

SharePoint Online is an excellent option for companies that need shared workspaces for their teams. If you need a place to store important company files, such as financial and human resources documents, SharePoint is the right option for you. SharePoint is the easiest way to ensure that no matter what happens, you will always have access to your files. 

OneDrive, on the other hand, is a great option for organizations that want their employees to have their working files backed up to the cloud. These files can still be shared with other team members, but we generally recommend SharePoint for any large-scale collaboration projects.

What if I want both?

SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business are better together. Get the most out of your investment with an Office 365 plan. See your options on the Office 365 pricing page.