Formerly Dynamics CRM

For nearly 15 years, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped organizations expertly manage their business relationships by providing excellent sales, service, and marketing solutions. These features have been refined and built upon over the years, culminating in the release of Dynamics 365 for Enterprise. Both the Sales and Customer Service modules are full entities within Dynamics 365 that work seamlessly with the financial entities. 

Reinforce your growing business

Your business has reached the point where your'e beginning to fall behind on sales opportunities. So now what?

Dynamics CRM is robust, reliable, and built to grow with your organization. Whether you need Customer Service, Sales, or a combination of both, we'll custom design and implement a system that is unique to your needs - within your budget.

Dynamics CRM Features


Gain better insight into sales leads with Dynamics CRM's built-in sales productivity suite. Dynamics CRM tracks all activities (such as phone calls, emails, and notes) associated with a particular lead, providing your team with a 360-degree view of the sale. Automate sales activities with powerful workflows and use CRM's out-of-the-box sales process management capabilities to qualify, convert, and win sales faster than ever.


Customer Service

Dynamics CRM makes it easy to give reliable and personalized customer service across multiple channels including web, chat, social, mobile, email and phone. The self-service portal gives clients the chance to solve their own issues by providing a unique and easy-to-use support portal tailored specifically to your products and services.

Have you considered cloud?

The cloud provides all your necessary security and business needs, without an in-house data center. Sales and Customer Service are both available for deployment on the cloud as part of our Dynamics 365 Enterprise package, which brings together CRM and ERP software into one cohesive system.