Dynamics GP Apps

Looking to get more value from your Dynamics GP investment? These Apps will streamline your accounting operations with a great payback. Add all at once to your new Dynamics GP accounting system implementation or one at a time to enhance your existing system.

Fixed a la Carte Pricing Makes it Easy

Our a la carte apps provide immediate value at a simple, fixed price. Costs quoted are one time app setup costs unless otherwise stated.


Banking and Compliance Apps

ACH Processing

$1,995 per bank account

Simplify payments with ACH Processing. Upload payments to Vendors or receipts from Customers to your bank using ACH functionality.

Electronic Bank Reconcile

$995 per bank account

Save time on your bank recs. Download your bank transactions directly into Dynamics GP for each bank reconciliation.

Fixed Assets

$2,995 per company

Streamline your fixed assets management by automatically creating, tracking, analyzing, depreciating, and retiring fixed assets in Dynamics GP. Get fixed asset reports to reconcile fixed asset accounts.


Mekorma MICR Check Printing

$995 for installation plus $125/month

Save money on your check stock. Mekorma MICR provides secure payment processing, including MICR check printing, automatic check signing, and company specific rules.

Multicurrency Management

$2,995 per company

Do business globally with complete management of multicurrency exchanges. Dynamics GP allows you to define as many currencies or rates as you need.

Positive Pay

$1,395 per bank account

Reduce fraud with Positive Pay. Automatically export checks from Dynamics GP for upload to your bank. Your bank won't pay unless the check is in your approved payment upload.


Multi-state Sales Tax Calculations

Instantly calculate tax rates and apply the correct tax rules for every sales transaction.


Supply Chain Management Tools

Inventory Bill of Materials

$795 per company

Simplify invoicing and counting with Dynamics GP Inventory Bill of Materials. If you perform light assembly, this app allows you to easily relieve component inventory and assemble a finished good for invoicing. Labor collection is not included.

Landed Cost

$1,395 per company

Is your freight billed by a different company than your vendor? Landed Cost automatically adds freight to the cost of your inventory for accurate inventory valuation.

Returns to Vendor

$1,995 per company

There is an easier way to track vendor returns than spreadsheets. Returns to Vendor (RTV) tracks all of your returns for credit or product, even printing your shipping labels.


Multiple Bins

$995 per company

Simplify picking and counting with Dynamics GP multiple bin functionality. Receive inventory directly into the correct bin and pick and pack from the bin.

Cycle Counts

$1,995 per company

Minimize inventory losses with the built-in counting functionality of Dynamics GP. Create count sheets, enter adjustments, and research missing stock all from a single interface.

Returns Management

$1,995 per company

Streamline your RMA process by automatically generating customer RMAs from historical customer invoices. Track Repair and Returns status and automatically transfer Return to Stock items from the returns warehouse to the main warehouse.


Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)

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Establish and measure capacity of production. Compare capacity limits for production to work completion goals. Review manufacturing orders to effectively manage the demand for finished goods.

Engineering Change Management (ECM)

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Keep engineering change information organized and accessible in one place. Track all engineering changes by individual product so effects are monitored and managers are automatically notified as soon as changes are made.

Master Production Schedule (MPS)

Take information gathered from sales forecasts to build a detailed production schedule. Review scheduled orders to discover potential issues before they arise.


Materials Resource Planning (MRP)

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Keep up with changing markets by taking advantage of precise production control features. Accurately adjust production levels to match ever-changing demand forecasts and maximize profits. Identify the source of demand with Comprehensive Drilldown Capability.

Sales Forecasting

Easily track sales forecasts for multiple products simultaneously. Use historical sales data to form the basis for upcoming forecasts. Integrate sales forecasting with the Materials Resource Planning module to ensure accurate forecasts within materials requirements plans.

Quality Assurance (QA)

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From raw materials to finished products, take detailed tracking data from testing procedures and record it for easy access at any point. Customize testing measurements and sample sizes to fit all types of product offerings.


Payroll with Direct Deposit

1-50 Employees: $1,995 setup

51-199 Employees: $2,995 setup

200+ Employees: $3,995 setup

You don't need to outsource your payroll! Dynamics GP Payroll simplifies and automates payroll processing, offering better service to your employees while reducing overhead costs. Price is one time fee based on number of employees.


Productivity Tools

Adobe Email to PDF

$299 per license

Email Dynamics GP standard reports directly from the report view window with the click of a button.

Email Business Alerts

$195 per alert

Automated email notifications help keep you informed of the latest updates, changes, or exceptions on accounts, customers, vendors, or any type of transaction in Dynamics GP.

Import Utility

$495 for installation plus $300/month

If you need to import data into Dynamics GP, this is the tool to do it. Import GL, AR, AP, Sales Order, Invoice, Purchase Order, and Inventory Transactions using SmartConnect.