Automate your manufacturing processes with GP Online Manufacturing. Reduce waste and inefficiencies and gain control of your operations. Upgrade to Dynamics GP Manufacturing in the Microsoft cloud to improve throughput and inventory management. Get full financial management, inventory management, and manufacturing capabilities including all system upgrades for only $235/user/month.


While most Dynamics GP providers charge thousands of dollars to keep your system up-to-date, Syvantis includes all system upgrades for free to be scheduled at your convenience. Syvantis also assigns dedicated Technical Consultants to meet with you regularly for free to verify that the system is performing to your needs and provide information on open service cases, upcoming training opportunities, and system updates.

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Upgrades and Maintenance

Never pay for server maintenance or costly system upgrades. Schedule upgrades to take place over the weekend to avoid any potential downtime.

Monthly check-in with Dynamics GP consultant

Meet with a Syvantis Technical consultant regularly to go over any questions related to your system and updates to ongoing projects and service requests.

Unlimited Technical Support

Get timely timely support from our dedicated Support team for common issues like password resets, system issues, and user changes.

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Microsoft Cloud Security & Reliability

Feel secure knowing Dynamics GP is hosted on the Microsoft Cloud with the highest level of security available and stored in Microsoft's global data centers. 

Manufacturing Features

Manufacturing Order Processing 

Whether it's in house or outsourced operations, Dynamics GP for Manufacturing improves efficiency across the ordering process. Create quick manufacturing orders to keep up with the speed of production. Collect material and labor costs for more accurate finished goods costing. Utilize workflows that make sales orders flow easily into manufacturing orders. 

Bill of Materials

Accurately manage detailed product information with the Bill of Materials module. Quickly update records using editing, adding, and removing capabilities without fear of losing track of changes thanks to accurate revision histories. Create phantom bills of materials and backflush raw materials to streamline the subassembly process.


Assign a virtually unlimited number of routes to items, each with a virtually unlimited number of sequences. Attach detailed notes to each routing sequence, providing clear direction through easy access to information. Eliminate duplicate effort in setting up or changing routes by reusing sequences from routes or by copying and modifying routes as necessary.


Work Center Management

Achieve detailed resource allocation by assigning machines and employees to each work center to take advantage of effective capacity and availability. Maintain tight schedule control by tracking shifts and the hours per shift at each work center. Manage outsourced work centers efficiently through powerful Outsourcing Management capabilities. 


Plus these Financial Management and Order Management Features

Inventory Management

Monitor inventory costs and stock levels in real time with detailed reporting. Increase flexibility with unlimited price levels, multiple costing methods, and alternate vendors. Use multiple bin and serial lot tracking for enhanced product traceability.

Sales Order Processing

Improve customer service and increase sales processing efficiency with Sales Order Processing. Track back ordered items, process partial shipments, and automatically create purchase orders or work orders. Make sales smarter by suggesting up sell opportunities and replacements for out of stock items.

Purchase Order Processing

Save staff time and increase financial accuracy by streamlining purchasing processes. Manage shipment receipts and in-transit inventory receipts. Match shipments to invoices to assign accurate costs. Automatically create purchase orders to replenish inventory quantities.


General Ledger

Automate accounting processes and streamline budget planning with Microsoft Dynamics GP's deep General Ledger capabilities.

Payables Management

Effectively control all information related to suppliers including payments and expenditures, performance reports, contacts, payments/holds/returns, and discounts.

Receivables Management

Track all information related to customers, including detailed performance reports and sales documents that can be emailed directly to your customers using custom email templates. 


Bank Reconciliation

Manage and customize bank account balances and transactions including cash, credit cards, checks, and ACH transactions. Keep accounts in balance and up to date with impressive reconciliation tools.


Utilizing multiple companies? No problem. Set relationships between companies to interact and automatically record intercompany General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable transactions.

National Accounts

Manage customers with multiple subsidiaries by creating National Accounts that allow you to view all accounts associated with the National Account individually or as a group and run reports for specific subsidiaries.


Customer/Vendor Consolidations

Easily move vendor account balances into customer accounts and vice versa. Consolidate Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable balances for a single company. 

Refund Checks

Save time by automatically producing refund checks to customers with overpayments on account or for specific transactions.


Included with all implementations

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Rapid Deployment

Begin using Dynamics GP in weeks, not quarters thanks to the rapid migration plan implemented by highly trained consultants.

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Customized training & training materials

Get personalized training from consultants with years of experience in Dynamics GP along with training documentation for staff to use as they get to know the system.

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Fixed Pricing

Pay exactly what is agreed upon with no hidden fees or surprises due to fixed-price Dynamics GP Implementations.

Go further with these Apps

Materials Resource Planning (MRP)

Keep up with changing markets by taking advantage of precise production control features. Accurately adjust production levels to match ever-changing demand forecasts and maximize profits. Identify the source of demand with Comprehensive Drilldown Capability. 

Master Production Schedule (MPS)

Take information gathered from sales forecasts to build a detailed production schedule. Review scheduled orders to discover potential issues before they arise. 

Sales Forecasting

Easily track sales forecasts for multiple products simultaneously. Use historical sales data to form the basis for upcoming forecasts. Integrate sales forecasting with the Materials Resource Planning module to ensure accurate forecasts within materials requirements plans.


Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)

Establish and measure capacity of production. Compare capacity limits for production to work completion goals. Review manufacturing orders to effectively manage the demand for finished goods.

Engineering Change Management (ECM)

Keep engineering change information organized and accessible in one place. Track all engineering changes by individual product so effects are monitored and managers are automatically notified as soon as changes are made. 

Quality Assurance (QA)

From raw materials to finished products, take detailed tracking data from testing procedures and record it for easy access at any point. Customize testing measurements and sample sizes to fit all types of product offerings.


Advanced Distribution & Picking

Streamline the distribution cycle by optimizing processes to fit business needs. Give customer service representatives visibility into the pick, pack, and ship process.

Dynamics GP Inventory Bill of Materials

Simplify invoicing and counting for light assembly. Easily relieve component inventory and assemble a finished good for invoicing. Labor collection is not included.

Purchase Order Approvals

Automate the purchasing approval process. Give managers the ability to review and approve purchase orders through their native email solution.


Dynamics GP Landed Cost

Is your freight billed by a different company than your vendor? Landed Cost automatically adds freight to the cost of your inventory for accurate inventory valuation.

Dynamics GP Cycle Counts

Minimize inventory losses with the built-in counting functionality of Dynamics GP. Create count sheets, enter adjustments, and research missing stock all from a single interface.

Dynamics GP Multiple Bins

Simplify picking and counting with Dynamics GP multiple bin functionality. Receive inventory directly into the correct bin and pick and pack from the bin.


Dynamics GP Returns to Vendor

There is an easier way to track vendor returns than spreadsheets. Returns to Vendor (RTV) tracks all of your returns for credit or product, even printing your shipping labels.

Fixed Assets Management

Manage an unlimited number of assets with various attributes, create asset groups, and transfer assets. Keep assets up to date by automatically calculating depreciation on a monthly basis. 

Mekorma MICR Check Printing

Save money on your check stock. Mekorma MICR provides secure payment processing, including MICR check printing and automatic check signing.  Customize printing rules by company.


ACH Processing

Save money and time on check processing by utilizing Dynamics GP automated ACH functionality. Easily upload payments to Vendors or receipts from Customers to your bank.

Payroll with Direct Deposit

You don't need to outsource your payroll! Dynamics GP Payroll simplifies and automates payroll processing, offering better service to your employees while reducing overhead costs. Create 941s and W-2s directly from Dynamics GP.

Multi-Currency Management

Easily manage accounting operations and finances for companies that do business with multiple currencies. Revalue General Ledger accounts based on current exchange rates. View any transaction in any currency.


Positive Pay

Reduce fraud with Positive Pay. Automatically export checks from Dynamics GP for upload to your bank.  Your bank won't pay unless the check is in your approved payment upload.

Electronic Bank Reconcile

Save time on your bank recs. Download your bank transactions directly into Dynamics GP for each bank reconciliation.

Import Utility

If you need to import data into Dynamics GP, this is the tool to do it. Import GL, AR, AP, Sales Order, Invoice, Purchase Order, and Inventory Transactions using SmartConnect from eOne.


Multi-State Sales Tax Calculations

Instantly calculate sales tax based upon the customer street address and apply the correct tax rules for every sales transaction using Avalara.


Need help deciding?

Should you choose a Professional or an Enterprise package? What functionality makes sense for your organization? Use our solution builder tool to find your perfect fit.

Real-time, interactive reports

Bring your data to life with Microsoft Power BI. Pull together data from Dynamics GP and visualize it in easy-to-use interactive dashboards.

Use a free-form drag-and-drop canvas to effortlessly to author reports. Ask questions of your databases using everyday language like "How many widgets did I sell at our San Diego location last year?" and Power BI will immediately create a dashboard to give you the answer.

Expect excellent training

When you purchase a new accounting system, it is vitally important that your users are trained fully on the features that they will be using to perform their tasks within the system. That is why every new implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP includes comprehensive, customized, and role-specific training and documentation for your users.