OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business is trusted by millions of businesses to store their corporate files securely online. With OneDrive, employees can upload their local files to the cloud and access them from any PC, tablet, or mobile device simply by signing into Office 365. OneDrive makes collaboration painless with easy-to-use sharing options that allow employees to share and edit Office documents together in real-time. Concerned about security? OneDrive encrypts your data at rest as well as in transit meaning it is safe at all times.

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Because it is built on Office 365, data stored on OneDrive for Business is safeguarded with the highest level of encryption and detection technologies available. 

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Create, edit, and share files from any device or web browser. Sync with your PC or Mac to automatically update files when changes are made and access offline. 

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Share files with other users and make document edits together in real-time. Communicate in chat or start a Skype meeting directly from the document.


Take your work anywhere

Files saved in OneDrive for Business are accessible from any location with almost any device that has an internet connection. Thanks to OneDrive, you can work on your documents at the office one day and from home the next, without losing your place. Update files on the go and have peace of mind that those files will be updated on every device.



Never lose a document

Files that are saved on a local machine are always susceptible to loss.  OneDrive for Business backs up your files to the cloud, keeping them safe from both physical and virtual attacks while giving you access whenever you need it.


OneDrive versus SharePoint

While on the surface, OneDrive and SharePoint are both file storage programs that give users access to files from anywhere, they both have unique strengths that make them valuable to an organization. Typically, files will begin on a user's OneDrive and later move to SharePoint for permanent storage. Think of OneDrive as a bottom-up storage solution for individual work documents or team project documents - each person manages who they share these documents with. SharePoint is the top-down answer to OneDrive, taking a high-level, hierarchical approach to document sharing. SharePoint structure is predetermined (often by a team selected by corporate management) and used by all teams to organize project files, client files, and other corporate documents.


OneDrive is completely controlled by the individual user. The user has full control over who has access to files and how they are organized within their OneDrive. Benefits of OneDrive include: 

  • Personal file storage
  • Personal file organization
  • User-controlled (bottom-up) file security
  • Real-time collaboration


SharePoint is controlled at the organizational level, meaning only SharePoint administrators will be able to change the structure of storage sites or file sharing settings. Benefits of SharePoint include:

  • Company-wide file storage
  • Customized file organization
  • Admin controlled (top-down) file security
  • Managed metadata