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Who do we hire?

When we say we love having employees with unique experiences, we’re not joking. We love technology, but we aren’t all tech majors. In fact, our technical consultants went to school for everything from Classical Greek to Sports Management. We firmly believe that having a great team means having people who bring unique ideas to the table.

When it comes down to it, what we really want in our employees is character. We love our team because it consists of people who are bright, ambitious, and eager to learn new things.



We are always looking for great candidates to join our team!

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Open Positions


Senior Technical Consultant - Finance

In this position, you will be responsible for leading a handful of ERP implementation projects. This includes managing project teams, coordinating client status updates, ensuring that deliverables are on time, and training end users on their new ERP system.


More than an Office

No isolated cubes here - our new office space has been designed as an open concept to encourage as much collaboration as possible. Need a break? Catch your breath in the large common kitchen space that features a state of the art coffee machine (not kidding) and two beer taps pouring local beers. 


We love technology, but what we really care about is people.

That’s why we look for talented individuals who come from a variety of backgrounds and who like to use their unique skills to help our team and our clients.

What do we care about?

We value positivity, creativity, independence, flexibility, and motivation. We love people who have positive attitudes, possess an insatiable desire to learn new things, and love solving puzzles as much as we do.

Syvantis Technologies continues to grow while adapting to ever-changing tech marketplace

Our Culture

Hiring intelligent and imaginative employees is useless if their ideas are never heard. That’s why we work every day to foster an open and collaborative work environment. This means that whether you have been with the company for five months or five years, your opinion matters.

At Syvantis, we genuinely enjoy each other’s company - and it shows. Whether it’s grabbing lunch together, getting a drink after work, or staying late to play board games in the conference room, our relationships with one another do not end when the clock stops at the end of the day.

None of this is to say we don’t work hard. Life at Syvantis is fast-paced, challenging, and sometimes very stressful. But we don’t back down from challenges - we look forward to them.