A Handy Tool: Receivables Management Transaction Unapply

Let’s say that you just ran Paid Transaction Removal (Sales > Routines > Paid Transaction Removal) for a customer. Then you realize that you accidentally applied it to the wrong document so now the customer’s account is incorrect.

Receivables Management Transaction Unapply Utility to the Rescue!

This tool enables you to unapply documents in the history table and automatically move the records back to the open table even if there are discounts and/or write- offs associated with the document. You can reapply the records as needed. Using this tool can be a good alternative to removing history and reentering data if records were applied incorrectly.

You used to have to pay for this tool, but since March 26, 2012 the tool is now free. Once the tool is installed, you can easily unapply historical documents, either one at a time, for an entire Customer, or for a range of dates by Customer. The tool is very simple to run. The only trick is to be careful when selecting which records to unapply.

The first time that I ran it, I accidentally unapplied 56 documents! (It’s a good thing that there is a tool to fix that too: The RM Mass Apply Utility.)