Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 Upgrade and SmartList Treeview Navigation

A new feature of Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 allows users to users to hide the navigation tree in SmartLists giving them a full screen of data. The first two users in our office that opened a SmartList were thrilled! However, their excitement abated when they realized that the tree view in the navigation pane seemed to be static and left/right scrolling was required to view longer SmartList titles in the navigation pane.

I believe the responses were similar to, “They finally fixed the SmartList view!” followed by, “Are you kidding me? The navigation pane is too narrow. I have to scroll to see the whole SmartList title!”

We immediately noticed that hovering over the break between the pane and the data display area to widen the navigation pane was no longer an option as it had been before.

How do You Fix It?

We had a small issue with some of our SmartLists in Project Accounting after the upgrade.  While attempting to fix them, I found out how to change the width of the tree view navigation pane. Right click on any tree folders and you will be given the option to widen or narrow the navigation pane. Repeat the process to widen or narrow further.