Everything New in Dynamics GP 2018 R2

Dynamics GP 2018 R2 was released on Tuesday, October 2nd 2018 and contains updates and enhancements for several core functions of the app. Financials, Supply Chain, Payroll, and overall system enhancements were the main focus of this release. The road ahead for Dynamics GP has been mapped out by Microsoft, take a look at what is planned for the next couple years. Below are the details on each new feature and function of the R2 release.


Monthly & Bi-Monthly Recurring Batches

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In R2, users can now specify that a recurring batch should end on the last day of the month. In older GP versions, the posting date defaulted to 30 days from the previous, not accounting for months that are shorter or longer than 30 days.

Option To Not Show Inactive Checkbooks

Choose to exclude Inactive Checkbooks in the Checkbooks Lookup window. Less searching, more doing.

Transaction-Level Post Through GL

Microsoft has made it possible for users to ‘Post Through GL’ at the transaction level. Before, transactions had to be already saved to a batch to do so and if not, a batch “waiting to be posted” would be automatically created.

A list of windows from which users can Post Through General Ledger Files at the transaction level:

A list of windows from which users can Post Through General Ledger Files at the transaction level:

Add Vendor Document Number to Purchasing All-In-One View Window

The Purchasing All-In-One View will now conveniently list the ‘Applied-To Document Number’ for payments, credit memos, and Returns.

Display Vendor Hold Status

r2 third.png

Easily find out whether a vendor is on hold via the following windows – Payables Vendor Inquiry, Payables Transaction Inquiry – Vendor, Purchasing All-In-One View, Payables Transaction Entry Zoom. Error message will appear before moving forward with a vendor who’s listed as On Hold.

New SmartList for Deposits associated With Unposted Sales Transactions

’Deposits on Unposted Sales Transactions’ is a new SmartList under Sales Transactions that lets users quickly see the customers who’ve put a deposit on a sales transaction, but the transaction hasn’t yet been posted.

Inactivate/Reactivate Master records from Navigation List

Users are now able to mass update records for Accounts, Checkbooks, Customers, Salespeople, Vendors, Employees, and Items directly from Navigation lists.

Supply Chain Optimization

Document Option for Functional or Originating Currency

When printing documents, you’re now able to choose between the originating or functional currency, saving time by not forcing users to navigate back to the historical windows to print correctly.

Print & Email Sales Documents Simultaneously

r2 fourth.png

GP 2018 R2 is all about saving you time, and nothing says that more than the ability to print and email sales documents simultaneously. Instead of doing one and then going back to do the other, you’ll be able to do both in three different areas.

Partial Purchases

This one is brand new – the option to purchase a quantity less than what was originally requested. Easily adjust the quantity in the Purchase Order Preview window and the remaining amount is automatically canceled.

Exclude Items Without On-Hand Quantity or Value from HITB Report

When printing the Historcial Inventory Trial Balance report, users will now be able to exclude items with zero quantity and items with zero value.

Email Customer Statements from Customer Maintenance Window

The Customer Maintenance window will now give users the option to email statements directly within with the click of a button.

Additional Sorting Options

Several new sorting options are available for documents in the Sales Order Processing Item Inquiry window, including Item Number, Document Number, Document Type, Document Date, and Customer ID.

r2 sorting.PNG

Human Resources & Payroll

FICA Totals on Payroll Check Register Report

The Payroll Check Register report has added the following FICA totals – FICA Medicare & FICA Social Security.

Start & End Dates for Pay Codes

Start/End dates have been added to Pay Codes, similar to how they’re set up in the Benefits and Deductions portion of Payroll. This is helpful for new hires, terminations, and pay increases.

Shared Maximums for Benefits & Deductions

Something your employees will appreciate is the new capability to set up ‘shared’ maximums for benefits and deductions. Those who contribute to more than one 401K plan will certainly be happy.


Sales Transaction Workflow Including Credit Limit

A new workflow will be available in GP 2018 R2 that allows users to create approvals based on several different conditions, such as if a customer Credit Limit is exceeded on the transaction.

System Enhancements

Maximum Password Length

The maximum password length for users has been increased from 15 to 21 characters to conform with most other Microsoft products.

r2 fifth.png

Password Expiration Notification

More password updates – a notification will now appear 7 days before password expiration.

SmartList Designer Favorites in Navigation Lists

SmartList Favorites that have been created using the SmartList Designer will now appear in the ‘Favorites’ navigation lists.


Want to see more?

For a comprehensive look at these new features, how to enable them, and where they all take effect, read the the Application and System Features for Dynamics GP 2018 R2 e-book from Microsoft. Syvantis Technologies Inc. is a Gold-Certified Microsoft ERP Partner and 2015 Small & Medium Business ERP partner of the year in the US. If interested in Dynamics GP or any of our other business management solutions, fill out the form below to speak with one of our consultants who can help devise a custom plan for your organization.

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