Editing W4s and Printing W2s in Dynamics GP

It’s the end of the year, and soon it will be time to process those W2s. There are a few steps that can be taken to make W2s available to view or print by your employees. Some employees might also have had some changes in the past year and need to make edits to their W4s. Both scenarios are covered below.

Editing your W4

The option for an employee to view and edit their W4 was made available with the release of Dynamics GP 2015. In order for a user to be able to edit their W4s, they need to have access to the W4 – Employee’s Withholding Certificate window. For ESS users, this option is included in the ESS EMPLOYEE* security role. If any changes are made to the W4, they need to be submitted and approved before they take effect.

Accessing your W4

In the Time Management pane located on the homepage, click on View/Update my W4. (Alternatively, you can access your W4 by navigating to the HR & Payroll module, and in the Cards pane, under Self Services, click on W4 Employee Withholding.)

If you receive a security privileges error, contact your system administrator for security adjustments.

Employees can change any of the following boxes: 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7. If any changes are made, the employee needs to type their name in the Employee’s signature box, and tab or click off of that field, for the Submit button to become available. The changes will be sent to the approver based on the workflows that have been set up.

Viewing/Printing W2s

Any user with access to the security task W2- Wage and Tax Statement report will be able to view and print their W2(s). For ESS users, this is included in the ESS EMPLOYEE* role. The staff members who are responsible for reviewing and printing company-wide W2 information will need to walk through the steps in the Processing the W2s section (outlined below) to make the W2s available for all employees. Steps for accessing your W2 as an employee are in the Accessing your W2 section (at the bottom).

Processing W2s

When processing W2s (HR & Payroll >Routines > Print W-2s) make sure to check the box next to Publish to Employee Self Service. You can allow W2s from previous years to be available to employees by selecting the appropriate year and checking the same box. This feature allows the W2 to be accessible by any employee with access to the W2 – Wage and Statement Tax report.

If you don’t want to double up on printing W2s that have already been printed by the employee, make sure to also check the Exclude ESS Printed W-2 box.

Accessing your W2

An ESS user can access their W2s by clicking on View/Print my W2 in the Time Management pane on the homepage. (Alternately, you can access this list by clicking on the HR & Payroll module, and clicking the W2 – Wage and Tax Statement in the left navigation pane.)

If you receive a security privileges error, contact your system administrator for security adjustments.

W2 Blog 4.png

In the W2 – Wage and Tax Statement list, check the box next to the desired W2 and click Print to open the Report Destination window, or View to open the full W2 (Print is also available in this window as well).

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