How to use Excel Copy/Paste in the Dynamics GP General Ledger

One of the new features of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 is the ability to copy information from an Excel Spreadsheet and paste it into a General Ledger entry in GP. For any of you that have used Integration Manager to import General Ledger transactions into GP, you are probably jumping up and down with joy and high-fiving everyone at the office. A process that used to involve preparing your Excel document, saving it as a tab-delimited file, configuring your integration, and then troubleshooting any errors you might receive with your integration has been simplified into preparing an Excel document and simply pasting it into GP. Neat right? The only thing to keep in mind is that your columns have to be ordered in this sequence: Description, Account Number, Debit, and Credit.

This copy/paste feature is a useful and simple addition to Microsoft Dynamics GP. It works if you have a single fiscal year open or if you have multiple years open, if you are pasting one transaction or one thousand transactions, and (here's the best part) it does it all in a single journal entry. The one snag that I have experienced with GP Copy/Paste is when you are trying to paste in account transactions for variable allocation accounts. For some reason, when pasting variable allocation accounts into the GL, GP is unable to recognize any credits applied to them. So, at this point, the Copy/Paste will not work for your company if your company uses variable allocation accounts.

For more on what an allocation account is and how to use it, I recommend checking out

GP Copy/Paste is a great way to save hours of time finagling Integration Manager and also a great way to make sure that your debits and credits net out to zero. So if you have not tried Copy/Pasting to the GL, I encourage you try it out in Fabrikam or in your test company!