Line Item Searches in Dynamics GP 2013 Sales Order Processing

Recently, I noticed a client scrolling through an invoice in Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing to review a specific line item.  The invoice contained over 50 lines, and scrolling was not an efficient way to find the line item. There is a line item search feature that allows for searching large invoices for specific items in Dynamics GP.

This search feature works with all SOP Types:  Orders, Fulfillment Orders, Backorders, Invoices and Returns. The steps are identical if you are using the Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client.  In the invoice example below, simply click the down triangle that appears in the blue bar above the line item entry fields.

Select Find Item and enter all or a portion of the item number for your search.  Click Select.

Applicable items from your search will appear.  Choose the item and Click Select.  The line item will appear in your invoice.

Please note, that this is especially effective when you are viewing line items in the "Show Detail" mode.  Use the find feature instead of the Previous/Next buttons on the line item detail.