Printing Partial Checks in Dynamics GP

Occasionally you will have the need to print partial checks out of Dynamics GP.  One reason is that you need to create a payment for a deposit, and you have not yet received an invoice. Another reason might be that you wish to pay an invoice in multiple payments.  In order to create these partial checks, you will need to create the check individually, rather than using Select Checks.  Below I have documented the steps for this process.

Step One

In the Purchasing module, navigate to the Transactions pane and select Edit Check.

  • Batch ID: Enter Batch ID.
  • Apply Date: This is the check date.
  • Vendor ID: Enter or select the Vendor ID.
  • Comment: Enter a comment if desired, such as First Payment or Down Payment.
  • Amount Unapplied: This is the amount of the Partial Payment you would like to make to this vendor.
  • If you have more partial checks you would like to create, click Save and repeat the steps above.
  • If you would like to print this check, click Print Checks.
  • You will be prompted with "Do you want to save changes to this payment?" Click Yes.

Step Two

In the Print Payable Checks window, make sure that the check number corresponds to your check stock.  Next, verify your printer.

Click Print.  If you created multiple partial checks in this batch, this will print all the checks.

After the check prints, the Post Payables Checks window will open. If the check(s) printed correctly, click Process.


If any need to be reprinted, change the Process drop-down to Reprint Checks, enter the reprint range, and then click Process. This will generate the next check numbers and require new check stock.

Step Three

  • To apply the payment to the invoice, click on Apply Payables Documents from the Purchasing module (Transactions Pane).
  • Vendor ID: Enter or select the Vendor ID.
  • Document Number: Click Q to select the partial payment.
  • Mark next to the document(s) you wish to apply the payment.
  • Click OK.