The Easy and Accurate Return in Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing

Every so often I come across a client that has been using Microsoft Dynamics GP since the early Great Plains Accounting days.  They have done things the old way for so long, they are not aware that there are better options available in the system for completing their daily tasks.

A recent example of this occurred with a client that was using Sales Order Processing.  To return inventory, they would select an SOP Type as Return, select the customer, enter the returned items, verify the quantities and price, etc.

Instead, they should be creating the return using the Create Return feature that is available in Dynamics GP.  The feature directly links the return to the invoiced purchase that was originally made by the customer and leaves little room for error.  The price/return price are always correct, account distributions are correct, and the item returned is correct. 

To use this feature, open Sales Transaction Entry.

  1. Select Additional > Create Return.
  2. Type ID:  Return
  3. Customer ID:  Enter or select the Customer ID.
  4. Origin > Sales Document:  Click the looking glass to select the original invoice that the returned items were entered:
  5. Click OK.  This will open the Sales Invoice Return Item Select window.  Mark next to the items that are being returned. 
  6. Click Post (this will not post the return).

This will create the return and fill out the required information.

By default, it will return the item to the site it originally came from.  If you want to return it to a specific site, you will need to change the site on the item/document level before posting the return.

Save, Post or Save to a Batch.