Why is my Navigation List missing transactions in Dynamics GP?

Have you ever opened up a Navigation list and thought, “I know this invoice has been entered, so why is it not in my Open Invoices list?” Or maybe, “I was just viewing this PO, why is it missing from my Open POs list?”

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t get discouraged. There are two settings that you will want to check on: your filter settings and your restrictions group.

Filter Settings

The filter settings (located below the list name) are clauses that allow you to filter your data based on any of the attributes available for that list. For instance, to populate a list of only sales orders, you would use the following clause: Where Document Type is Order.


To create a list of Open Orders, you would add another filter: And Status is Work; Open.


Don’t forget to click the grey arrow located to the right of the clause to refresh the list based on the new filter settings. Also be aware that the list will need to be saved in order for these new filters to be saved. Upon exiting the list, you will be prompted to save your changes.

If you load a list that doesn’t seem to be returning the correct results, check these filters in case another user had edited the settings and saved the changes.

The Restrictions Group

The restriction settings are found in the action pane.

These filters are often overlooked. The default setting for a Navigation List is to include only documents dated within the last 90 days. I recommend changing this to a custom setting with no start or end dates in order to display all transactions, especially if you are using lists that filter by transaction type. To change this setting, select Custom Date from the drop-down menu. In the Custom Dates window check the boxes next to No Start Date and No End Date.


Note that once you change this setting it will be automatically saved for the next time you load the list. The restriction settings, however, will not save for other users.

If you load a list that doesn’t seem to be returning the correct results, check to see if these filters are set correctly.

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