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SmarterWorkplace brings together must-have business applications to power your team and top-tier support at a discounted price to help your organization work smarter, not harder. SmarterWorkplace packages are put together thoughtfully to give your business an all-in-one solution for the specific things that you do. Whether you’re looking to encourage more team collaboration, improve sales and customer service, or simplify internal processes, there is a SmarterWorkplace option that will fill the void you have. SmarterWorkplace reduces your support costs by giving you:

  • Buy three or more products and save 20% on User Support

One software platform

Make life easier for your users by utilizing single sign-on and integration across web applications. Deal with fewer login issues and watch productivity climb.


One interface

Limit the need for user training thanks to a unified user interface across all applications. Let your users take work on the road with them without any messy interface changes no matter what device they use.



One password

Limit user sign-on issues by letting them choose a single password to use across all business applications.


One admin center

Make administrative changes to any application from a single online portal.

One monthly bill

Keep track of licensing and support costs across all business applications on one monthly bill. Make user adds and removals on a monthly basis to keep costs down.


One source of support

Limit confusing and frustration by giving your users one phone number to call when they run into an issue on any application they are using.



How do I get started?

  1. You schedule a Discovery Call with a consultant (not a salesperson) below.

  2. We create a customized plan with estimated pricing up front.

  3. Together, we execute the plan.

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