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Built with your industry in mind

Your system should be tailored to your organization's needs. Each Syvantis Dynamics 365 Enterprise package is designed with exactly the features that you need - no more and no less. User-friendly dashboards and custom web portals make it easy for your staff to navigate the system and work more efficiently.

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Project Management and Accounting

Professional services organizations need a solution that manages projects on a detailed level. Dynamics 365 for Operations includes project budgeting as well as project forecasting to ensure your organization can control projects using processes customized to fit your needs. Create project contracts and manage them by adding multiple funding sources and unique billing rules. Build detailed work breakdown structures that include the entire work decomposition, works schedule, and cost estimation of the project.



Contracts & quotes

Forecasting & budgets


Work breakdown structures

Resource management



Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations provides distributors with 360 degrees of visibility into supply chain operations. Gain insight into the supply chain with analytics that use real-time inventory data. Obtain full control over warehouse operations across all locations with optimized inventory management features. Track and trace inventory by batch or serial numbers throughout the end-to-end supply chain process.


Inventory management

Multi-site warehouse management


Tracking and tracing

Demand Forecasting