Dynamics 365 for Enterprise Distribution

Supply chain management requires an ERP system that not only improves efficiencies in the distribution process, but also grows and changes as your business does. Dynamics 365 for Operations is built to handle the complexities of distribution and finds ways to eliminate costs along the way. Dynamics 365 for Distribution also includes Dynamics 365 for Sales to give your business a unified process from sales through fulfillment. Get Dynamics 365 for Distribution for $250/user/month.


Distribution Features

Inventory management

Track inventory by site, pallet, batch, serial number, and more. Use first in/first out (FIFO) and last in/first out (LIFO) inventory valuation methods and inventory control systems. Improve turn-over rate and lower overall costs with advanced inventory allocation features.

Multi-site warehouse management

Track inventory by warehouse and apply inbound algorithms using multiple warehouse zones and replenishment strategies. Increase delivery flexibility with agile in-bound and outbound processes using advanced picking strategies.

Tracking and tracing

Easily track inventory and dimensions throughout the warehouse, production, and transport processes. Record and monitor back batch and serial numbers for quality control. Monitor batch attributes and shelf life dates.



Manage both direct and indirect procurement lifecycles from planned purchase order to confirmation. Handle direct deliveries, landed-costs charges, pro-forma pruchase orders, and return orders with ease.

returns management

Control which items can be returned and who can return them. Group together returns based on method of disposition or reason code. 

Sales Order Processing

Efficiently enter and process sales orders with helpful automation tools. Easily enter sales orders with automated item substitutions and enforced credit limits by customer. Process sales orders with seemless integration with SO fuflfillment and billing. 



Dynamics 365 complies with leading privacy and data protection laws regarding cloud services including:

  • EU Model Clauses
  • FedRAMP
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • ISO/IEC 27018

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General Ledger

Automate accounting processes and streamline budget planning with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Enterprise. Utilize account and dimension combinations with robust chart of accounts features.


Receivables Management

Track all information related to customers including detailed reports and statements that can be emailed or printed directly to your customers.


Payables Management

Effectively control all information related to suppliers including payments and expenditures, performance reports, contacts, payments/holds/returns, and discounts.


Set relationships between companies to interact and automatically record intercompany General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable transactions.

Bank Reconciliation

Manage and customize bank account balances and transactions including cash, credit cards, and checks with impressive reconciliation tools.


Refund Checks

Refund customer checks by automatically creating a debit memo to offset an open credit in Receivables, then create an invoice in Payables Management.


Upgrades and Maintenance

Monthly check-in with Dynamics GP consultant


Help Desk Support

Go further with these Distribution Apps

Customer Credit and Collections

Manage credits and collections in one central view. Collections agents can begin the collections process from customer lists that are generated by using predefined collection criteria, or from the Customers page.

Inventory Bill of Materials

Create and manage bill of materials including phantoms using a graphical bill of materials designer. Use electronic signatures to track changes and version control to release BOMs. Manage formulas, recipes, co-products, and by-products.

Requisition Management

Give employees the ability to order business materials with necessary approvals through a system built directly into the base application.


Landed Cost

Is your freight billed by a different company than your vendor? Landed Cost automatically adds freight to the cost of your inventory for accurate inventory valuation.

Cycle Counts

Minimize inventory losses with the built-in counting functionality. Create count sheets, enter adjustments, and research missing stock all from a single interface.

Multiple Bins

Simplify picking and counting with multiple bin functionality. Receive inventory directly into the correct bin and pick and pack from the bin.


Returns to Vendor

There is an easier way to track vendor returns than spreadsheets. Returns to Vendor (RTV) tracks all of your returns for credit or product, even printing your shipping labels.


Fixed Assets Management

Manage an unlimited number of assets with benefits. Calculate depreciation, create asset groups, and transfer assets to new general ledger accounts or property tax locations all with integration into General Ledger and Payables Management.

Multi-state Sales Tax Calculations

Instantly calculate tax rates and apply the correct tax rules for every sales transaction.


ACH Processing

Simplify payments with ACH Processing. Upload payments to Vendors or receipts from Customers to your bank using ACH functionality.

Payroll with Direct Deposit

Payroll simplifies and automates payroll processing, offering better service to your employees while reducing overhead costs. Price is one time fee based on number of employees.

Multi-currency Management

Easily manage accounting operations and finances for companies that do business with multiple currencies. Revalue General Ledger accounts based on current exchange rates.

Need help deciding?

Should you choose a Professional or an Enterprise package? What functionality makes sense for your organization? Use our solution builder tool to find your perfect fit.

Real-time, interactive reports

Bring your data to life with Microsoft Power BI. Pull together data from Dynamics 365  to visualize it in easy-to-use interactive dashboards.

Use a free-form drag-and-drop canvas to effortlessly to author reports. Ask questions of your databases using everyday language like "How many widgets did I sell at our San Diego location last year?" and Power BI will immediately create a dashboard to give you the answer.

Expect excellent training

When you purchase a new accounting system, it is vitally important that your users are trained fully on the features that they will be using to perform their tasks within the system. That is why every new implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 forEnterprise includes comprehensive, customized, and role-specific training and documentation for your users.