How does Office 365 integrate with Dynamics CRM?

Editor's Note: As of November 1st, 2016, Dynamics CRM is now Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and a part of the Dynamics 365 for Enterprise solution. Learn more about Dynamics 365.

Sales professionals love using Office programs like Outlook, Word, and Excel in their sales processes. It makes sense then that their CRM system should work well with these programs, right? With the recent release of Office 2016, the integration between Office 365 and Dynamics CRM is better than ever. Here are some of the best ways Office 365 and Dynamics CRM work together.

Integration with Outlook

Did you know there is a CRM app built into Outlook? It's perfect for tracking emails, viewing information about sales activities, and even creating new CRM records without having to open a second program. You also can track your inbox activity on devices that support exchange including mobile devices. 

Integration with OneNote

If you have used Office 365, you probably have learned how useful OneNote can be. With Dynamics CRM, you can link OneNote files with CRM records. This includes everything from text notes you have on a sales lead to voice memos or pictures you have for an open opportunity. 

Integration with Excel

Microsoft knows how much people use Excel for data analysis. Dynamics CRM integrates Excel spreadsheets into its data analysis functions allowing you to import data from Excel into Dynamics CRM or export Dynamics CRM data into Excel to showcase and analyze your data however you prefer. 

Integration with Power BI

Power BI is quickly becoming one of Microsoft's most promising programs. Power BI can take information from Dynamics CRM, analyze it, and present it with impressive visuals. Power BI can also present sales and performance forecasts based on data provided by Dynamics CRM and manage account activities so you gain better insight into how to improve your processes. 

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On their own, Office 365 and Dynamics CRM are impressive tools businesses can use to achieve their goals and objectives. Together, they bring a new level of productivity and system integration that just makes your life easier. Check out more information and pricing for Office 365 and Dynamics CRM on our website.