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How to Track Outlook Emails in Dynamics 365

If your organization uses Dynamics 365 for Sales, you can track emails from clients, vendors, leads, opportunities, etc. right from Outlook and those emails will automatically sync up to the associated record in your Dynamics 365 CRM system.

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Live Events in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Live events require significant time and resources to figure out the logistics and ultimately put on a successful event. Dynamics 365 for Marketing makes it possible for organizations of any size to organize and manage everything that goes into a live event.

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Why you need to manage your customer relationships

To provide the best customer experience you need to look at your customers and determine exactly what it is they want or need. These wants and needs will not be the same for each of your customers. To better understand each customer individually, and to meet each of their expectations, you should plan to invest in a quality CRM system.

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