Plus (+) Symbol Appears in Management Reporter Rows and Accounts are Missing

We discovered an interesting problem following the migration of Management Reporter to a new server. We had exported all of the building block groups from the old system, installing Management Reporter on the new server, and then importing the building block group onto the new Management Reporter install on the new server.

After the migration, none of the non-default company Management Reporter reports ran. Upon further review, we found that on all non-default companies, the row format accounts were replaced by the Plus (+) sign. Of course, something like this only happens when you absolutely, positively, must have financials today.

Since we had previously experienced a number of issues with the Dynamic Data Mart, we wanted to exclude DDM as the problem. We removed the DDM and reverted to the Dynamics GP Legacy Adapter, but the problem did not resolve.

Surprisingly, the solution was quite simple.  I re-set the default company to one of the companies that was not running. (Close all reports, then go to Company > Companies and set a new default company.) I then opened each report catalog and set the Company Name field to the correct company.

Magically, all of the accounts in the row format appeared, and I was able to run financials.

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