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Dynamics 365 for Marketing - What It Is & What Can Be Done

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s combined ERP and CRM platform. The system consists of seven applications to serve various business functions; Sales, Customer Engagement, Field Service, Talent, Finance and Operations, Retail, Project Service Automation, and Marketing. Dynamics 365 for Marketing will be the focus of this blog as we delve into its capabilities, functions, and what it can do for your business.

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Why you need to manage your customer relationships

To provide the best customer experience you need to look at your customers and determine exactly what it is they want or need. These wants and needs will not be the same for each of your customers. To better understand each customer individually, and to meet each of their expectations, you should plan to invest in a quality CRM system.

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How does Office 365 integrate with Dynamics CRM?

Sales professionals love to use Office programs like Outlook, Word, and Excel in their sales processes. It makes sense then that their CRM system should work well with these programs, right? With the recent release of Office 2016, the integration between Office 365 and Dynamics CRM is better than ever. Here are some of the best ways Office 365 and Dynamics CRM work together.

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Change the Default Port for ADFS from 443 - Dynamics CRM

CRM 2011 changed the Internet Facing Deployment setup significantly from CRM 4. Instead of a built in CRM tool to provide connectivity to the Internet, CRM 2011 configurations rely on ADFS 2.0 to authenticate the CRM user to the server. By default the ADFS site uses the standard SSL port 443 in IIS. This can be a problem if you are already using 443 for other purposes so ADFS has to be moved to another port.

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