Using Purchase Order Generator in Dynamics GP

Purchase Order Generator is an important feature in Dynamics GP.  It is especially useful for companies that have a larger amount of stock inventory where the parts don’t change significantly over time.  Once you have determined that Purchase Order Generator will work for you, there are a few items that you should plan for prior to your implementation of the Purchase Order Generator feature:

First, will you be using “Order Point” or “Order-Up-To Level” as your method for determining purchase order quantities? When using “Order Point” quantities, the required quantity suggested for a purchase order is calculated by Order Point Quantity - Available Quantity =  Order Quantity.

“Order-Up-To Level” is calculated by Order-Up-To Level – Available Quantity = Order quantity unless the Order-Up-To Level is less than the Order Point Quantity.  In this case, the calculation is Order Point Quantity – Available Quantity = Order Quantity.


Order Point: 10

Order-Up-To Level: 0

Quantity Available: 8

In this case, the quantity suggested to order by Purchase Order Generator will be 22. You will need to order 2 to get to the minimum Order Point and 20 to fulfill stock requirements.

Second, all items must be set up for Purchase Order Generator. For new implementations, or if you are importing inventory from a different system, all you need to do is plan your process and import your inventory into Dynamics GP with all the required fields populated by the import. If you are an existing Dynamics GP user, an inventory export and re-import using Integration Manager may be the easiest way to prepare your items for Purchase Order Generator. Another way to approach this in an existing environment is to use Purchase Order Generator for one vendor, one site or for a range items initially. You can then add to any of these categories over time.

When setting up your items, be sure to include all relevant vendor and site information.  Purchase Order Generator will flag errors and will not allow you to complete a purchase order until the errors are corrected. The primary errors are the lack of an assigned vendor or site.

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