Business Central Professional Services Automation

Dynamics 365 Business Central PSA (built from Dynamics SL) takes Business Central Project Management to a new level.  Business Central PSA is built on Progressus’ platform to help professional services organizations maximize profitability by delivering projects on time and on budget.  Business Central PSA gives you the tools to drive excellence in strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, utilization, and finance.

Who is it for?

Dynamics 365 Business Central Project Management is optimal for professional services firms, consulting firms, or other project-based organizations that need to track time, materials, and expenses.

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Focused Professional Services Automation

Dynamics 365 Business Central Project Management gives managers insight into how projects are progressing with resource allocation reports and cost tracking. Use Business Central to track employee time and expenses across multiple projects simultaneously. 


Manage fixed price and time and materials projects at the same time


Monitor resource capacity and use resource availability tools to plan future projects


Recognize revenue according to ASC 606 standards


Track approved employee time across projects, jobs, and services


Business Central PSA Features


Project Administration

Easily create new projects with Project Setup Wizard. Simplify administration with Project, Task, Invoice, and Sales Price Templates. Combine multiple projects into a single view with Main Projects

Capacity Planning and Budgeting

Import budgets through journals or set up on the fly through Budget Matrix functionality. Readily track capacity by Resource, Resource Group, or Resource Sub-Group. Reallocate resources on the fly with availability and booking functionality. Maintain multiple budget versions to track progress against baselines and up-to-the-minute forecasts. Integrate to Microsoft Project.

Time Tracking

Enter timesheets through any device – PC, tablet, or phone – with three levels of approvals, notifications, and rejections. Select from a variety of time periods – daily, weekly, split week, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly. Designate different time periods for each resource. Use your own preferred time tracking system and integrate into Business Central PSA.

General Ledger and WIP

Calculate Cost-to-Cost Billings WIP. Include projected project financials with G/L Budget integration. Customize project labor posting accounts by Project, Task, Work Type, Resource, or Resource Group.


Create full project plans with budgets and resources to generate project quotes. Track project quotes through the sales pipeline.


Automatically create Invoice Suggestions to Invoice customers on a time-and-materials or fixed-price basis. Prepare consolidated project invoices with Main Projects. Create scheduled billings linked to Milestones, on a recurring basis, or by date.

Expense Tracking

Enter expense reports through any device - PC, tablet, or phone - with three levels of approvals, notifications, and rejections. Attach receipts directly from your phone. Track expense types, payment types, mileage, company credit card expenses, and more. Import credit card files. Use your own expense tracking system and integrate into Business Central PSA.


Plus these Financial Management features


Add unlimited dimensions to your chart of accounts to allow for rich multidimensional analysis of financial transactions without creating a complicated chart of accounts.


Keep individual company financial data separate and easy to find. Prepare robust consolidated financial reports from multiple companies and dimensions.


Do business with your subsidiary and internal partner organizations in the same way that you engage with your external vendors and customers, including intercompany Sales Orders and Journals.


Create multiple budgets for identical time periods.  Leverage budget dimensions to set filters on budgets and add dimension information to budget entries.


Download bank statements for automatic reconciliation of bank transactions.


Streamline Accounts Payable processing, easily tracking incoming documents against Accounts Payable transactions.  Utilize built-in ACH functionality to pay vendors by ACH.


Keep Accounts Receivable to a minimum by utilizing Reminders to remind customers of overdue balances.  Auto apply finance charges if required.


Give customers the ability to pay directly from your emailed invoice utilizing Microsoft Pay.


Set up one or more depreciation books for each fixed asset.  Track maintenance costs, manage insurance policies, post fixed asset transactions, and generate specialized reports and statistics.

Business Central PSA Pricing

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the most affordable full featured mid-market ERP system on the market today.

Business Central PSA fully implemented starting at only $39,995!



Starting at $195/user/month

Includes timesheet and expense tracking for time and expense users. Deployed on Microsoft’s cloud, similar to the way Office 365 is deployed. Licensing is obtained by the user by the month and no servers are required.

Price includes user support.


Real-time, interactive reports

Bring your data to life with Microsoft Power BI. Display live financial information from Business Central and visualize it in easy-to-use interactive dashboards.

Use a free-form drag-and-drop canvas to effortlessly to author reports. Ask questions of your databases using everyday language like "How many widgets did I sell at our San Diego location last year?" and Power BI will immediately create a dashboard to give you the answer.

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Expect excellent training and ongoing support

When you purchase a new accounting system, it is vitally important that your users are trained fully on the features that they will be using to perform their tasks within the system. That is why every new implementation of Business Central includes comprehensive, customized, and role-specific training for your users, as well as training documents tailored specifically for your organization.

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How do I get started?

Step 1: You schedule a Discovery Call with an experienced consultant (not a salesperson) using the form below.

Step 2: We create a customized plan with estimated pricing up front.

Step 3: Together, we execute the plan.

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